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Holsteiner horses have been bred at the Köhncke stud for three generations already. Hans Köhncke bought the mare Aera in 1933, as a workhorse for agriculture. She was the first dam to be enlisted in the lineage 4539. Hans' son, Hans Jürgen Köhncke, turned the originally mixed farming structure into horse breeding:




1970: Dairy farming is ceased

1976: The stallion station of the “Holsteiner Verband” is opened

1995: Pig farming is ceased

1998: The agricultural activities stop


In the fifties, there were 5 to 10 horses at the stud; nowadays there are between 80 and 100.


The stud now consists of around 40 hectares of pasture, a small Hereford cattle herd and focuses on the following points:

  • Horse breeding with 10 to 15 own mares
  • Keeping stallions for the “Holsteiner Verband”
  • Livery stable for riding and breeding horses
  • Schooling activities